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Tom is the complete oposite of his brother Silver. He is very outgoing and happy. He is a rough and tumble pup and can be extremely hyper at times. He is what you might call a 'Up' pup. Meaning he always finds something good in any situation and is nearly always happy. He is very easy going and likes to 'Go with the flow' when his parents or siblings ask him to do something. But when no orders are given, he does his own thing and runs around like a chicken with it's head cut off.


Tom is almost completely white except for two spots on his right ear, one spot right above his nose, on spot in the center of his chest, and the tip of his tail. His spots are colored Silver like his brothers. his collar is yellow.

Family (That I remember)[]

Patch: brother

Rita: sister

Shadow: brother

Cadpig: sister

Silver: brother

Deserau: sister

Tripod: brother

Penny: sister

Rolly: brother


  • Tom is only afraid of one thing, crocodiles!
  • Tom often falls into Deserau's trap.
  • Tom has no crush yet.
  • Silver is his biological brother.

Stories he appears in[]