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Silver is a very anti-social pup. He rarely talks to others when he has to start the conversation himself, but when spoken to he really gets going. He is often told that he is very smart and clever, but he doesn't believe that. Even though it's true. Silver is very ashamed about his appearance, and has a hard time defending himself. But he is very loyal to his friends and adopted family. Silver hides all his doubts, fears, and sorrows inside himself. He can often go into depression if it stays for too long. His family doesn't realize this until it's too late!


No one knows for sure if Silver is a full Dalmatian, he doesn't remember his parents at all. Instead of having black spots like everyone else, he has silver spots. That is why his name is silver. His left ear is completely silver and he has four spots on his right ear. he has a tuft of hair on his head that is long and hangs over part of his left eye. it has silver tips and one seperate spot on that. he has another spot on the right corner of his mouth and two more on his neck. He wears a green collar


Rita: sister

Patch: brother

Rolly: brother

Cadpig: sister

Tripod: brother

Shadow: brother

Deserau: sister


  • Silver speaks in a soft whistfull voice
  • Silver is one of the few dalmatians that isn't fooled by Deserau's tricks.
  • Silver has no crush yet.
  • Silver is afraid of losing his family

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