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All my characters are placed in the TV series world. He belongs to Sarah the FBI pup



Shadow is a daring tough pup. Nothing is too dangerous to him. He loves to go a gainst the rules, and is often reprimanded by his parents and friends. He is very serious but loves to play at the same time. He likes to think of himself as a Wolf, and is very strong like one. He is very smart and tricky, and loves to show off. He is very good at keeping a secret. He is called upon when his siblings need something.


Shadow looks a lot like Patch. His ears are completely black, and he has black patches that go around both of his eyes. He has many spots, and all his paws are sooty black. He wears a aquamarine collar.


Tripod: he is very good friends with Tripod.

Cadpig: The two are extremely close.

Family (All known siblings)[]

Lucky: brother

Cadpig: sister

Tripod: brother

Rolly: brother

Rita: sister

Patch: brother

Penny: sister

Deserau: sister


  • Shadow is adopted.
  • Shadow has a crush on no one yet.
  • Shadow is often found getting into mischief around the farm.
  • Shadow is very athletic
  • He dislikes Rolly because he feels his brother is fat and Lazy

Stories he appears in[]


Shadow x Cadpig