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She belongs to Sarah the FBI pup


Sapphire is sweet, but at the same time also sassy and cocky. She likes to make her own rules and hates having to do what she's told. But she's really a very happy puppy and tends to show her bubbly and Happy-go-lucky side often.


She's a mostly white.dalmatian with a black spot on the center of her forhead, Shoulders, Chest, two on her neck, three on her right ear, two on her left, five on her tail, six on her body, two on each of her paws, four on her front left leg, three on her right, two on her back right leg, and five on the back left leg.


She had a crush on Tripod for the longest time before he went with Cadpig. After he did, she felt hopelessly lost and didn't know what to think.


Pongo: father

Perdita: mother

Lucky: ADOPTEDbrother

Cadpig; ADOPTEDsister

Two-tone: ADOPTEDsister

Rolly: ADOPTEDbrother

Rebecca: ADOPTEDsister

Fletcher: ADOPTEDbrother




  • Sapphire is extremely protective of her friends.
  • She got her name by her eye color.
  • She loves playing with Rolly, Cadpig, Spot, and Lucky