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Rita is very sweet, but hyperactive. She has a hard time paying attention to what is going on, and pays  more attention to other things less important. She can't resist chasing a squirrel or a ball. She loves to play more than anything else and is often seen tearing into anything she fit in her jaws. She can be very reliable in a bad situation though. That is the only time her head clears.


Rita has very few spots. Her left hear is black, and she has a thin ring around her right eye. Her front to legs are black with white spots. She has one fat dot on her forehead, and a couple of spots on the bottom half of her. She has a light blue collar.


  • Rita has a crush on Tripod,
  • Rita hates work
  • Originally I was going to have Rita be bad, but I liked this better.

Stories she appears in[]


Rita playing

Rita headshot