101 dalmatians fanon Wikia

perdita jr is one of the original 15 dalmatians puppies she like to go on adventure's and she an make anything into a adventure with her siblings and jumps into conclusion's but is super chill she never takes the blame instead she will just blame it on one of her siblings she loves having 98 brothers and sisters but sometimes (rarely) she wish that she can be a hero and is nick name jr and loves to play decetive when there a mystery

penny perdita jr is best friends with penny the two are kind and love nature. every weekend they go to the river and have a picnic

lucky jr used to makes fun of lucky for having a crush on rec ceca but when she meet her she was friends with her right away and she stop teasing lucky

likes going on adventure, mysteries, animal, rebbeca, penny, picnic, playing detective,

dislikes pups teasing penny, penny in danger. being told that she jumps into conclusion , family rolly penny tripod cad pig patch lucky jewel mooch whizzes dipstick fidget two tone Missy patches

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she has black spots and purple eyes and she has a light blue collar like her sisters and she has a couple on her back she has a lot of spots on her left ear and a couple on her right