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Short Thunderbolt x Arielle story.

A local Valentine's dance for dogs of all age is today and Arielle wants to go alone with Thunderbolt. But not knowing, how he'll react, she starts talking to Patch. But Thunderbolt does the same and it isn't long before the two of them meetup with each other. Will Arielle tell Thunderbolt, will Thunderbolt refuse? Read now!

Chapter One[]

"You can't escape Thunderbolt!" Thunderbolt grinned, as he chased Patch down the sidewalk. The Dalmatian puppy yipped, taking a turn into a corner, only to crash into a familiar, female Corgi. Patch looked up, smiling shortly after. "You, okay there sport?" Arielle smiled back, sitting Patch back up again. Thunderbolt's worried eyes softened as he laid his eyes on the two. "I knew you were okay....with Arielle around." The Corgi looked down, hiding a blush. "No worries. I was just heading down to the ice cream parlor, wanna come?" Before Thunderbolt could respond, Patch interrupted him. "Of course! Let me just talk to Thunderbolt first." Arielle nodded, walking away from the two.

Patch smirked, pawing Thunderbolt softly. "You like her, don't you?" He asked. Thunderbolt looked down at him, suddenly realizing he was gawking at her the whole time. "I-I-I, no buddy, of course not!" He replied nervously. Patch smiled, "It's alright, Thunderbolt! Your secret safe with your trusty sidekick!" The pup said, wagging his tail. "What do I do? Should I tell her?...." Thunderbolt sighed. "Find the perfect moment and invite her to the party. In fact, why don't you go into the parlor right now. It'll be like a special....date."

"What about you?" Thunderbolt replied, staring down at the pup. "Tell her I gotta be somewhere with my siblings," Patch said smoothly. "You got this." The two high-pawed, before Thunderbolt slipped past Patch, following the Corgi's trail.

Chapter Two[]

"Wow, isn't it nice that they give us a sundae for us to share! We must be the luckiest dogs in the world!" Arielle gasped, wagging her tail. Thunderbolt gulped, "Uh-huh." He wondered why he was so tense-he was usually a star at flirting with the ladies. That's it....He needed to flirt! "I don’t bite you know…unless it’s called for." Thunderbolt began. Arielle looked up, gasping. "W-What?!" Thunderbolt forced himself to continue, " I smelled you down the street, and my nose brought me right to you." Arielle looked down-a natural habit for when she was blushing.

"I-I...." She stuttered. "Maybe we should leave