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Kari is the sister of Bella and one of the adopted pups from the de Vil's place. She belongs to my best friend Paige AKA Deathnotewarriorvamp on Deviantart or Vekat.Vekat on the wiki


Kari is a spotted Dalmatian (not even gonna bother trying to say where all the spots are i don't even remember anymore) her left ear is fully black, while the right has two splotches on the top and one on the tip. She has a black tail tip and wears a blue collar with a golden tag


Kari is a spitfire run-around pup that loves to be on her paws. She gets a bit angry easily, but is usually a nice pup when you're on her good side. She's usually one to think on her paws, very witty and sometimes sarcastic.


  • She has a crush on Patch
  • Her name is pronounced "Car-ee."
  • Paige doesn't draw animals too often so i'm usually drawing her OCs for her