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Deserau is a bit of a bad girl. She is often tricking her siblings into doing what she wants them to do. She is very persuasive and has been told that she was the most beautiful dalmation many times. She is vain and a bit mean, but she would never actually hurt anyone. She is actually friends with Cruella's pet Ferret. She's a snitch and can't keep a secret. 


Deserau's left ear is black and has three spots on her right. she has many spots all over her body including a especially large spot on her stomach. Her Collar is purple.

Voice acord[]

Young deserau:

Teen/adult deserau:


  • Deserau is the prank queen.
  • Deserau has a crush on Shadow , but she knows he has eyes only for Cadpig. That is why she hates Cadpig the most.
  • She is afraid of lions
  • she is nicknamed 'Black Widow' for her habit of drawing pups in then stabbing them in the back.
  • She ends up with Rolly

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