101 dalmatians fanon Wikia

An older picture made from last year that i need to redraw

Bella is one of the puppies rescued and adopted from the mansion with her biological sister, Kari


Bella is a normal dalmatian- she has a spot in the middle of her forehead, her stomach, two splotches on her front forepaws, her tail tip, two on her shoulder, one on the side of her face and several elsewhere. She wears a magenta pink collar and golden tag


Bella is very sweet and affectionate, the total opposite of her sister Kari, who is the rough and tumble pup of their duo. She loves to help others and make sure that everyone is okay


  • Her sister is owned by my best friend and "twin" Paige. (twin is just a nickname she's not my actual sister but i wish she was)
  • I have so many of the original drawings but they make me cringe so badly
  • She has a crush on Lucky knowing he's not biologically her brother
  • She loves to stick close to Perdy and Pongo- especially when the pups get too rowdy and playful when she's tired