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Arielle is L'il Lightening's older sister and the mate of Thunderbolt-but stated as his girlfriend in The Thunderbolt Adventure Hour.



Arielle is a fawn-colored Pembroke Welsh Corgi. She has a light, peachy coat with a white underside and sky blue eyes. She has a matching sky blue collar with a dark blue tag with her name initial in white.


Unlike her brother, she is trustworthy and selfless, willing to help anyone and enjoy Thunderbolt or Patch's popularity, without getting jealous. She can be hyper at times, getting in trouble by accident, but doing her best to solve the trouble making after.



  • She loves cake, and anything sweet
  • She and Thunderbolt go on "special" missions together after the show's filming is over
  • She's like a mother to Patch, watching over him at all times
  • She sometimes gets lonely without her obnoxious brother to tease her around, but then remembers she always has the Dalmatian pups